Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Aspen, 81654 | 10/02/2020 | Ad id: 8-0000625935-01

I wanna share a story to shed some light on the topic of substance abuse & mental health within our community.  We all know it's a problem not just in the Aspen area and around the world.  I wanna take a moment to let the people who struggle with issues to know it's OK to ask for HELP.  Living within these dark places are something no one has to go through.  Watering the negative seeds only leads to making those issues grow even more.  With asking for help allows one's thoughts and patterns to change if you put in the work.  Putting that work in with yourself allows you to water the seeds of positivity.  I am one of those people who finally put a stop to my own personal abuse.  Please take that chance for yourself, your worth it.What did you do this summer during COVID-19?I went to Rehab & got Email Me