Healing Events

Eagle CO, 81631 | 01/29/2019 | Ad id: 8-0000374602

The winter months are often a time where we are pulled to look inward and heal what is up for healing.   The collection of healing events are indented to  create a space where the community can connect to their inner and outer world with the intention for creating peace, healing, and expansiveness.  Evenings include guided meditations, a group intuitive reading, and a group mediumship reading.   Reserve  your seat by emailing Email Me

Where:  Allure Academy 201 Broadway Eagle CO (side entrance on Second St.)

When and What:

2/2 at 7pm Fear Releasing Meditation  - Are you ready to no longer be mentally and emotionally hijack by your fears? This evening will offer a meditation using guided imagery intended to help let go of your attachment to a particular fear and become an empowered observer of it while creating a space for more clarity, peace and expansiveness.                                                                      
2/16 at 4pm  Love and Connection Meditation –Take a break from your busy life and connect with the blissful love that is within and all around you.  Connect to your own empowered inner beacon of loving and healing light and begin to notice how it reflects the light and love in your outer world.  If you’re suffering from compassion fatigue and/or feeling like your empathic sensitivities are depleting you, this meditation is here to support you. 

3/2 at 4pm Group Mediumship Reading -  What is a medium reading, you ask? It’s when the medium (Becky) stands in front of an audience and one by one connects to the spirit of a loved one who has passed for a member of the group, then delivers evidence of who the spirit person was when they were “living” along with loving messages. Prepare for a heartwarming experience.  Reserving your seat beforehand is required for this session. 

3/9 at 4pm Group Intuitive Reading – Prepare to feel a deep connection to your inner and out world and feel held and loved by the universe. This evening will include a guided meditation connecting you with your own intuition, receiving messages from your higher-self, the loving universe that surround you, along with receiving an individual personalized reading from Becky.  Bring an open mind.  Reserving your seat beforehand is required for this session.  

How:  Suggested donation of $25 per session. Email Becky to reserve your  spot at: Email Me

NOTE: For those of you who can't make it to the meditations due to distance or time conflict, I am open to doing a zoom (remote conferencing) email me if interested.   Email Me