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SILVERTHORNE-DILLON JOINT AUTHORITY 1.0 MG DIGESTER ADDITION ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS 1. Sealed Proposals for construction of a 1.0 MG Digester Addition will be received at 26452 N. Highway 9, Silverthorne, Colorado 80498, on or before 2:00 p.m., November 30, 2017, at which time the proposal will be publicly opened and read. Any proposal received after the above specified time will be immediately returned to the Bidder unopened. A site meeting will be held on Nov. 16, 2017 at 10 a.m. The work generally consists of: Construction of a 1.0 MG Aerobic Digester and appurtenances. 2. The Contract Documents, containing the detailed Drawings and Specifications for the construction work, together with the proposed construction Contract, may be seen at the office of Merrick & Company, 2480 West 26th Ave., Suite B225, Denver, Colorado. Copies thereof may be obtained at the office of McLaughlin Water Engineers for $75.00 (hard copy), or you may obtain a .pdf by emailing Email Me. 3. Bid security in the amount of 5 percent, unqualified, of the total Proposal price, will be required with each Proposal. Character and disposition of such bid security are stated in "Instructions to Bidders" of the Contract Documents. Included with the Contract Documents is a Bid Bond form to be used by Bidders not submitting a cashier's check or a certified check. 4. Further information will be found in "Instructions to Bidders" of the Contract Documents. Each Bidder will be assumed to be familiar with all Contract Documents, including all Drawings and Specifications. Silverthorne-Dillon Joint Authority By/s/_Jason Kruckeberg Operations Superintenden