Nothing was changed. the location of

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Nothing was changed. the location of the 6:30 mtg under Aspen is Aspen Jewish Community Center 435 W Main Street Aspen, CO?
Aspen/Snowmass 9:00AM: - Living Sober - (O)(LS) Mountain Chalet(Upstairs Room), 333 E. Durant Ave., Aspen? 6:30PM: - Sunday Night Beginners - (O)(B)Aspen Jewish Community Center (Upstairs Ballroom),435 W Main St., Aspen Basalt/El Jebel 6:00PM: - Happy, Joyous and Free - (O) (D)St. Peter's of the Valley, 200 Elk Run Dr., Basalt
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M eeting Codes (O) Open: Anyone interested in alcoholism may attend. (C) Closed: Those with a desire to stop drinking may attend (RD) Reading & Discussion. (D) Discussion. (SP) Speaker. (BBS) Big Book Study. (SS)Step Study. (ST) Step/Tradition. (TS) Tape Study. (GV) Grapevine Reading. (M) Men's Meeting. (W) Women's Meeting. (B) Beginner's Meeting (LS) Living Sober Meeting
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