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PUBLIC NOTICE TOWN OF WINTER PARK UTILITY EASEMENT VACATION REQUEST Applicant / Owner: Joe Borkowski Street Address where Easement Vacation is Requested: 206 Arapahoe Road, Winter Park Legal Description of Property where Easement Vacation is Requested: Lot 28 of Hideaway Village South Subdivision. Owner's Detailed Description of Request: "Requesting vacation of unneeded utility easement: Parkway Drive was vacated in 1979 but utility easements adjacent to the vacated road were not vacated at the time the road was vacated. This is an unneeded easement as all utilities are installed and the utility easement along Arapahoe Road will remain." Applicable Provisions of the Town Code: Section 8-1-5 of the Town Code regarding Street Plat and Easement Vacations states "At its hearing, the town council shall consider the merits of the petition to vacate together with the recommendation thereupon of the planning and zoning commission, as well as all other material the council may deem pertinent thereto, including the comment of interested members of the public, and may either "approve" or "disapprove" by ordinance the petition to vacate." Recommendation of Planning and Zoning Commission: At their October 22, 2019 regular meeting, the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of the Utility Easement Vacation Request at 206 Arapahoe Road. A Public Meeting at Winter Park's Town Hall, 50 Vasquez Road, is scheduled for: Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 5:30 P.M. Members of the public wishing to make comment regarding the variance request may do so at the scheduled meeting, or write to James Shockey, Community Development Director, Town of Winter Park, P.O. Box 3327, Winter Park, CO 80482, or Email Me . Published in the Middle Park Times November 7, 2019 0000506783