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August 10, 2020, 1:00 PM
75 S. Frontage Road - Vail, Colorado, 81657

1. Call to Order
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1.2. Attendance

2. Main Agenda
2.1. A request for review of an exemption plat, pursuant to Title 13 Chapter 12,
Exemption Plat, Vail Town Code, to allow for increases to the allowable Site Coverage and Gross Residential Floor Area (GRFA) allotment for individual lots within the Spraddle Creek Estates subdivision, and setting forth details in
regard thereto. (PEC20-0015) 60 min.
Applicant: Spraddle Creek Estates Homeowners, represented by Zehren and Associates
Planner: Jonathan Spence
2.2. A report to the PEC regarding an administrative approval of a Conditional Use Permit amendment, pursuant to Title 12, Chapter 16, Amendment Procedures, Vail Town Code, to allow for a 610 square foot expansion to Donovan Pavilion for additional storage, a kitchen prep space, and an office/bride room located at 1600 S. Frontage Road W. / Unplatted – Donovan Park, and setting forth details in regard thereto. (PEC20-0014) 10 min.
Applicant: Town of Vail, represented by TAB Associates
Planner: Erik Gates
2.3. A request for a recommendation to the Vail Town Council for a prescribed
regulation amendment pursuant to Section 12-3-7 Amendment, Vail Town Code to amend Section 12-10 Off Street Parking and Loading, Vail Town Code, to refine the appropriate sections to allow for a comprehensive approach to
meeting the minimum parking requirements, including clarifying the review
process and other considerations, and setting forth details in regard thereto. (PEC20-0007) 5 min.

The applicant has requested this item be tabled.
Applicant: Braun Associates, Inc.
Planner: Greg Roy

3. Approval of Minutes
3.1. July 27, 2020 PEC Results

4. Informational Update
4.1. A worksession to discuss proposed process and a zoning code amendment, pursuant to Section 12-3-7, Amendment, Vail Town Code, for various
amendments to Title 11 - Sign Regulations to updatedefinitions and reduce content-based regulations in order to conform with the Supreme Court ruling in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, and setting forth details in regard thereto. 45 min.
Planner: Erik Gates
4.2. PEC Appointment to the Open Lands Board of Trustees
Planner: Matt Gennett

5. Adjournment

The applications and information about the proposals are available for public inspection during regular office hours at the Town of Vail Community Development Department, 75 South Frontage Road. The public is invited to attend the project orientation and the site visits that precede the public hearing in the Town of Vail Community Development Department. Times and order of items are approximate, subject to change, and cannot be relied upon to determine at what time the Planning and Environmental Commission will consider an item. Please call (970) 479-2138 for additional information. Please call 711 for sign language interpretation 48 hour prior to meeting time.
Community Development Department Published in the Vail Daily August 7, 2020. 0000607375