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TOWN OF SILVERTHORNE, COLORADO PUBLIC NOTICE The following Ordinance was approved by the Silverthorne Town Council on May 8, 2019 and is hereby published by title only to remain in compliance with State Statute. SECOND READING Ordinance 2019-02: Approving the Conveyance of Real Property Known as the Town Owned Portion of Block B, Silverthorne Colorado Subdivision to MW Fourth Street Crossing, LLC - FIRST READING Ordinance 2019-07; Amending Chapter 2, Article VII, Section 2-7-15(b)1 of the Silverthorne Town Code, concerning Operation of Motor Vehicles on Town Property Ordinance 2019-08; Approving the Recreational Pathway Easement Agreement between Town of Silverthorne and Summit County Board of County Commissioners Ordinance 2019-09; Approving a Conservation Covenant for the Property Known as a Portion of Block A-1, South Forty Subdivision Ordered published this 17TH day of May, 2019 Michele Miller, MMC, Town Clerk Published in the Summit County Journal on May 17, 2019. 0000422292