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Grand County is looking for persons interested in being on the Planning Commission. There are good reasons why you should join:

• Planning Commissions are required by Colorado state law for developing and adopting a master plan,
• The Planning Commission should reflect a wide array of community interests and provide additional expertise on specific planning issues,
• Members can devote more time and energy to planning and land use issues than the local elected body.
• Planning Commissions insulate the elected body from some contentious issues.

Your personal contribution and volunteering to become involved in your local government and community decision-making process helps to build on county strengths and avoid threats to our quality of life. There are critical needs to be addressed in Grand County including updating the Master Plan, i.e., deliberating on growth policies, planning for the location and type of affordable housing, retaining the beauty and protecting sensitive areas, protecting our water and environment, to name a few.

The future of our community depends on people like you getting involved.

There are nine (9) Planning Commissioners each serving three (3) year staggered terms representing three districts. Currently, there are vacancies for District 3 (Commissioner Manguso) and District 2 (Commissioner Linke). The Planning Commission generally meets on the second Wednesday of every month in Hot Sulphur Springs. Recently, we have been meeting virtually because of the pandemic.

Please submit a paragraph to Email Me of why you believe you would make a good planning commissioner by November 29, 2020.

Published in the Middle Park Times on October 29, 2020. 0000630675